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Selected Contents


Part I        Social Reporting in American Life

Chapter 1        We Can Do Better: Toward a New Public Dialogue on Social Health

Chapter 2        Shaping Everyday Discourse: The News Media and Social Issues

Chapter 3        Social Reports: Institutionalizing the Reporting of Social Indicators

Chapter 4        Measuring Social Health: The Index of Social Health and the National Survey                             of Social Health

Part II        A Closer Look: Key Indicators of Social Health

Chapter 5        Social Indicators for Children
                            Infant Mortality
                            Child Abuse
                            Child Poverty

Chapter 6        Social Indicators for Youth
                            Teenage Suicide
                            Teenage Drug Abuse
                            High School Dropouts

Chapter 7        Social Indicators for Adults
                            Health Insurance Coverage

Chapter 8        Social Indicators for the Elderly
                            Poverty, Ages 65 and Over
                            Out-of-Pocket Health Costs, Ages 65 and Over

Chapter 9        Social Indicators for All Ages
                            Alcohol-Related Traffic Fatalities
                            Access to Food Stamps
                            Affordable Housing
                            Income Inequality


Appendix A: Selected Social Indicator Data over Time
Appendix B: Technical Note on the Index of Social Health
Appendix C: Technical Note on the National Survey of Social Health

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