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The Institute for Innovation in Social Policy devotes its full capacity to the analysis and publication of social indicators. Established in 1985, the Institute has worked on social indicators at the national, state, and international levels as a way to improve the reporting and understanding of social conditions. The Institute's work has had significant impact on public policy, public education, and the academic community.

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The Institute's most recent projects:

The Arts in a Time of Recession

The Arts in a Time of Recession was awarded the International Award for Excellence in the Arts by the International Journal of the Arts in Society. It explores how the arts have been affected by the current economic crisis, and discusses the impact of these changes on public engagement with the arts. To portray the broader social impact of economic recessions, this paper offers the concept of social recession, arguing that the experience of loss, insecurity, and diminished expectations that accompanies an economic recession has parallels in the nation's social and cultural life.

The Index of Social Health

America's Social Health: Putting Social Issues Back on the Public Agenda calls for a fundamental change in the focus of public policy in America. It paints a vivid picture of the nation's social health, shows that America's social progress has stalled in recent decades, and recommends that our energies be directed at critical domestic issues in the years ahead.

The Social Health of States 2008

The Social Health of the States 2008 compares the social performance of the fifty states, based on sixteen social indicators that measure the well-being of Americans in such critical areas as education, health, work, safety, and income.

The Index of Social Health

The Index of Social Health, the centerpiece of the Institute's work, monitors the social well-being of American society. It has been released annually by the Institute (formerly the Fordham Institute for Innovation in Social Policy) since 1987.

Arts & Culture Report

Arts, Culture and the Social Health of the Nation is designed to monitor the artistic and cultural experiences of Americans. Based on the Institute's National Social Survey, it probes new issues and looks at changes in participation since the Institute's previous report in 2002.

Connecticut Report

The Social State of Connecticut 2005 was the twelfth report in an annual series established by the Institute to monitor the social health of Connecticut. It includes the Institute's Connecticut Index of Social Health--the first such measure in the country to be developed under the auspices of a state government.